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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Another Bicyclist Killed At Mission and Bay Streets In Santa Cruz

On Tuesday, April 8, 2008, around noon, another cyclist, Christopher Evan Rock, was killed at the intersection of Mission and Bay Streets in Santa Cruz. That is two deaths and one major injury within the last 12 months. On Wednesday, April 9, I interviewed Micah Posner of People Power about a protest planned for later that day, cyclists met at the town clock, rode bikes up the right lane of Mission Street and posted signs along the way. Listen Here

After John Myslin's death last summer, People Power worked with the City Council to put up signs on Mission that advise cyclists and drivers that cyclists are encouraged to use the full right lane. This is perfectly legal according to California Vehicle Code (which states that bicyclists can use the full right-hand lane when a lane is too narrow for "a bicycle and vehicle to travel safely side by side within the lane") and was approved by the City Council.

Caltrans has refused to put up the signs, stating that they don't think it is safe for cyclists to ride in the lane, even after the Santa Cruz Police, the Traffic Safety Coalition, and others have pointed out that it is not safe to ride to the right of cars and trucks. Caltrans is basically telling cyclists that they have no right to use the street. Mission Street has 3 bike shops and numerous homes and businesses frequented by cyclists. Though cyclists should, and do, avoid Mission whenever possible, riding Mission for short stretches is a often necessary. According to People Power the only safe way to do so is in the middle of the right lane. They say that bicyclists right to exist is not being recognized by Caltrans.

Read more and see photos of the Wednesday April 9th protest

People Power Santa Cruz


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